The show goes on with premium use lighting from BLT Direct

The show goes on with premium use lighting from BLT Direct

The importance of stage lighting in performance arts cannot be understated, with a variety of different lighting techniques and sources often required to set the mood and tone, highlight emotions and enhance the music and sound that compliments the performance.

BLT Direct, a leading stockist of high-quality lighting products and accessories, is celebrating the arrival of a new range of expert lighting products aimed at theatres and performance groups. The new additions promise to enhance show visuals and provide excellent quality, studio-grade lighting.

Products now include a wide range of studio lamps offering 1000 watts of bright illumination and incredible life spans. They provide 300 hours of lighting and are a go-to product in the performance and studio industry.

Specialist studio lamps offering an exceptional 28600 lumens are also available and provide powerful lighting in one small capsule-style light source. Ideal for high energy scenes that require bright lighting such as thunderstorms or dance performances, these reliable lamps are an essential part of any production and are available for next day delivery from the BLT Direct warehouse.

Coloured lighting has long been the go-to method for conveying a variety of different emotions on stage; BLT Direct also stocks a wide range of high-quality coloured lightbulbs suitable for performance use.

For anger and murderous intent, the 7W LED Dimmable GU10 light in red can help portray powerful emotions with the flick of a switch. For loneliness, sadness and to convey a cool temperature, this product is also available in blue and can emphasise both emotion and cold weather in one light source.

To help theatregoers find their seats safely, a wide range of easy to install neon flex kits has also been added to the range. These long pieces of strip lighting are ideal for illuminating dark walkways such as those seen in theatres and can help safeguard guests against slips and trips before the curtain rises.

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