Simple Hotel Room Changes Can Boost Guest Experience

Simple Hotel Room Changes Can Boost Guest Experience

Interior design experts at The Tub Collection have noted that the simplest changes to the style and decor of a hotel room can boost a guest’s experience.

Designer furniture masters, The Tub Collection, are urging hotels to consider how simple interior design tweaks can significantly improve the guest experience in an increasingly competitive environment.

Over time, it’s not unusual for hotel furniture to become faded and worn, especially if widely used and not cared for. These conditions can affect the atmosphere of a room, making it look drab.

Amelia Crawford, Lead Buyer at The Tub Collection, said, “It’s perhaps surprising to discover just how much a piece of furniture can change a room. Furniture is often a main focal point in a hotel room, especially one where space is minimal, so it’s vital to ensure those small changes are being made regularly.”

The Tub Collection have cited a greater emphasis on communication and the growing power of ‘word of mouth’ recommendations as a major reason to make these changes.

Crawford continued, “Consumers are now given the chance to share their thoughts and opinions online to an audience of potentially thousands, and a negative consumer experience is most likely to be shared. With the ability to review every aspect of a holiday, a bad or good experience can directly affect a hotel’s reputation. That’s why the details – no matter how minute – are so important.”

Even the most seemingly insignificant change can brighten the feel of a room, from updating the fabric or design of your chairs, to introducing new colours to the overall decor.

The Tub Collection boasts a wide array of tub chairs which can make a huge impact on even the most fashion-phobic hotel guest. Bright colours have been found to improve the mood and stimulate positivity, which is essential for ensuring hotel guests are happy.

Compact yet comfortable, many interior design gurus are finding that by adding a tub chair to their hotel furniture, they’re creating an illusion of space which adds an air of luxury. Tub chairs also create a point of focus in a room, adding an effortless style
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