Simply Delicious Vegan Dishes That Pack a Flavour Kick Land in Kitchens as NutreeLife Unveils Latest Product

Simply Delicious Vegan Dishes That Pack a Flavour Kick Land in Kitchens as NutreeLife Unveils Latest Product

Foodies searching for some powerful flavour combinations in the kitchen have a new powder range that’s set to become their must have cooking ingredient. The latest range of burger mixes from leading vegan brand NutreeLife prove that a dish doesn’t have to contain meat to pack a satisfying, intense flavour and can be used to cook up a variety of tasty meals.

Originally coming in three flavours – piri piri, fajita, and Italian herb – the tempting vegan burger mixes are ideal for effortlessly creating meat alternatives to guarantee a mouth-watering burger. With prepping and cooking the burger recipe taking less than ten minutes, the mixes are perfect for the health conscious with busy schedules. The range of flavours are also ideal for creating meatless balls, sausages, and more for dishes that are fast set to become favourites in homes across the country. All budding chefs need to do is add water to the flavourful mixes and shape the tasty creation before cooking.

As well as being certified vegan by the Vegetarian Society, NutreeLife has taken steps to ensure its delightful mixes are as healthy and good for the environment as possible. The mixes are free from gluten, wheat, soya, and dairy while being high in protein and low in carbohydrates, sugars, fat, and salt. As a dry powder, the NutreeLife delicious creations also don’t contain oils that lead to environmental destruction, such as palm or canola oil. The ethos of NutreeLife reflects a growing shift in consumer behaviour, with more shoppers choosing meat-free alternatives and products that consider the planet

Jade Hodgkinson, Director of NutreeLife, said, “There’s a lot of meat-alternative products coming out to support the growing demand for plant-based vegan products. But, unfortunately, big businesses keep on using poor ingredients, additives, and preservatives to increase flavour without considering the health impact on the consumer.

“At NutreeLife we’re thrilled to have launched our burger mixes packed with intense flavour without compromising on our standards. As with all our products, the burger mixes are created from all-natural ingredients with zero additives. They’re the healthy choice for adding to a huge variety of dishes and we’re looking forward to seeing how our customers use the powder to get creative in the kitchen.”

NutreeLife is a family owned business based in the UK that aims to create appealing plant-based products that are suitable for all diets and lifestyles. The innovative burger mixes are the latest product from the brand to hit shelves, with an exciting pipeline of future tempting products already in development.

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