Skanwear Expands Women’s Range as More Females Join the Electrical Industry

Skanwear Expands Women’s Range as More Females Join the Electrical Industry

Leading global supplier and developer of personal protective equipment (PPE) Skanwear has unveiled its latest range designed for females. The launch comes as more women are joining the electrical industry and taking roles that have traditionally been held by men. Skanwear is filling a vital gap in the market after research revealed that over two thirds of women aren’t given protective clothing that fits properly.

Governments and companies have been striving to encourage more women to apply and accept positions within a range of male dominated industries, such as manufacturing, engineering, and scientific research. While initiatives are having a positive effect, many women taking roles within these sectors are being let down by the PPE they’re given. Research conducted by union TUC last year discovered that just 29% of women are given PPE that’s designed specifically for women. As a result, more than half of female survey participants said their PPE hampered heir work and over a third stated their overall were unsuitable for carrying out duties.

Angus Long, Global Technical Manager of Skanwear, said, “It’s appalling that so many women don’t have access to the PPE they need to carry out their jobs effectively and safely. It’s well known that workers that aren’t comfortable are far more likely to take their equipment and protective garments off to get the job done, placing them at significant risk. It’s time for employers to take steps to ensure all their staff have the right PPE, starting with providing clothing options designed specifically for women.

“It’s an ongoing issue that we’ve recognised and set out to address at Skanwear. We’re thrilled to unveil our latest range for females, designed to be comfortable, well fitting, and safe without hampering typical working tasks.”

Skanwear provides a comprehensive collection of PPE that’s been tested and certified for working in a range of challenging environments. With PPE options that protect against potentially fatal arc flash and are fire resistant, the brand’s products provide the ultimate protection. From high quality, weatherproof overalls to accessories, such as ear protection and helmets, Skanwear is the one stop shop for all things related to PPE.

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