Skanwear offers training opportunities for managers and technicians keen to learn more about arc flash

Skanwear offers training opportunities for managers and technicians keen to learn more about arc flash

A specialist manufacturer of Arc Flash and Flame Resistant clothing is keen to educate managers and technicians working in the electrical engineering industry about the dangers associated with arc flash.

Skanwear is a brand operating on a global scale that specializes in Arc Protective PPE suitable for a plethora of hot and cold environments. As well as providing workers with protection in the form of safety gear, the company is also offering a unique and all-encompassing training program that will benefit both managers and technicians.

The arc flash training sessions are powerful and engaging, covering a diverse range of topics and scenarios. Managers can expect to learn about LV and HV switching procedures, as well as the rules and regulations that are associated with arc flash.

Angus Long, Global Technical Manager said: “For every single electrical company operating in any corner of the globe, it is imperative that adequate training is given regarding arc flash.

“Without appropriate knowledge, the effects of arc flash, which is an electrical explosion resulting from a low impedance connection to ground or another voltage phase in an electrical system, can be devastating.

“We offer extensive training covering PPE selections when carrying out tasks and activities and provide information about control measures and risks.”
For electrical engineers that are exposed to the dangers of arc flash, the risks associated can be life threatening and include burns and injury’s thanks to heat, flying objects, and pressure blasts. While alleviating the risks entirely is not always possible, steps can be taken to help workers avoid suffering serious injuries or in the worst situations, death.

This Arc Hi-Viz Jacket is made of a lightweight, inherent fabric and features a long cut back and plenty of functional pockets.

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