SLiDEE Launches Simple, Stylish Collection of Webcam Covers To Safeguard Any Digital Device

SLiDEE Launches Simple, Stylish Collection of Webcam Covers To Safeguard Any Digital Device

Digital device users concerned about their online security can now add a simple, low-cost and fun solution to any smartphone, tablet or laptop to safeguard their privacy with the launch of SLiDEE.

Stylish and versatile, SLiDEE is a webcam cover with a difference and is available in a host of quirky and modern designs including flowers, animal characters, space ships and sports icons. With 2020 confirmed as the busiest year on record for cyber attacks[1], there’s never been a greater need for individual and business users to step up their security measures.

Any device with a built-in camera, from laptops and smartphones to tablets and desktops is at risk of being hacked. With more and more consumers and business users switched on to the fact that malicious actors can see them through their device’s camera, SLiDEE has set out to inject some colour and personality into webcam covers.

Designed to be compatible with any device, the SLiDEE quickly and easily attaches to the phone, monitor, tablet or computer. Its unique sliding mechanism means users can slide to hide their camera, stopping would be spies in their tracks while also adding a bright, exciting design to what would otherwise be a utilitarian addition.

Antony Showman, founder of SLiDEE said, “Today it is sadly not uncommon to hear of millions of social media profiles being hacked or businesses subjected to wide scale cyber attacks. As the world of work changes to allow remote access to important systems, and we spend more time than ever before with our mobile devices, it’s very clear that webcam covers or phone camera shutters are going to be a permanent fixture of our digital lives.

“SLiDEE’s unique designs allow users to inject their own personality, no matter the type of device they use. As they can be easily applied to any device, they’re also super simple to swap, meaning there’s no limit to how many designs users can try in line with their mood.”

The SLiDEE is on sale now, with each pack containing three webcam covers and backing plates. All designs are compatible with any device with a camera. Simply position the backing plate over the camera and clip the chosen SLiDEE design over the backing plate for an instant security upgrade. Packs are available to order online from the SLiDEE website, Amazon and etsy and the brand is in talks with physical retailers for in-store stockists.

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