Small, Luxurious Touches Essential for Spa Businesses to Exude Relaxation, Says Mille Boutique

Small, Luxurious Touches Essential for Spa Businesses to Exude Relaxation, Says Mille Boutique

Spas should be sanctuaries for relaxation and places to unwind, but many businesses are forgetting the importance of those small but essential details, according to luxury fashion and homewares brand, Mille Boutique.

Mable Agbodan, CEO of Mille Boutique, said, “Spas are places that people head to when they want to celebrate, need some me time, or just to indulge in a relaxing environment. The whole experience needs to be geared towards luxury, leisure, and putting customers at ease. Of course, the big-ticket items, such as deluxe treatment options, plush seating to recline on, and tempting pools to take a dip in, are crucial, but the small details shouldn’t be overlooked.

“Spas need to be aware of how the small touches can have a huge impact. Having the right music playing can instantly set a tranquil atmosphere, while luxury dressing gowns and slippers can be used to ensure comfort between treatments and set the tone for the day as soon as they’re slipped on.”

Mille Boutique is urging spa businesses to assess and invest in those finer details that will take guests from an average experience to one they can’t wait to rave about and means they’ll be booking another visit. While initial costs need to be factored in, the positive customer experience and future bookings that homing in on luxury can generate means it can deliver a return.

Recognising how important comfort and luxury is in a spa setting, Mille Boutique is searching for partners in the industry. The brand’s stunning handcrafted dressing gowns are made from superior kente cotton in Togo, West Africa, with an ethical edge. Working closely and fairly with local artisans, Mille Boutique’s dressing gowns offer a beautiful mix of traditional African and contemporary design for items that are truly one of a kind. By supporting local communities and talented craftsman, each Mille Boutique dressing gown is hand embroidered and finished to an incredibly high standard with a unique story and appeal.

Mille Boutique can offer sample kente cotton dressing gowns to spas, hotels, and other hospitality businesses that want to see the luxurious touch they add for themselves.

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