Snoring disturbs the sleep of 2 in 5 UK adults, according to new survey from Kally Sleep

Snoring disturbs the sleep of 2 in 5 UK adults, according to new survey from Kally Sleep

A new nationwide survey released by sleep specialists, Kally Sleep, to coincide with National Stop Snoring Week (18-24 April), highlights the number of UK adults that get their sleep disturbed by snoring.

The survey reveals that 41% of respondents said their sleep is affected by snoring at least sometimes. Of these 41% of UK adults, 25% said their sleep was interrupted “sometimes”, 10% said “usually” and 7% said “always”. Similarly, well over half of respondents (57%) said that they get too little sleep.

In an effort to help the nation ‘Shhusssh the snoring’ and get better quality sleep, Kally Seep has come up with a range of innovative sleep solutions for both snorers and those affected by snoring. Their range of anti-snoring pillows reduce snoring frequency and volume by approximately 60%, as tested by the British Sleep Apnoea Association, helping anyone affected by snoring achieve a blissful night’s rest.

Kat Collins, Marketing Director at Kally Sleep says, “We always knew that a lot of people are affected by snoring, but even we were surprised by the results of our survey. Not only is there a serious sleep problem on our hands, but snoring is one of the leading causes of this. Snoring is more disruptive than noisy neighbours, children or pets waking parents up, and uncomfortable mattresses. If we want to get better sleep, we need to tackle the issues of snoring head-on and we hope that, during National Stop Snoring Week, more people will turn to our solutions to help them out.”

Kally Sleeps’s range of products were created by a team of experts, including Harley Street doctors and osteopaths to provide the ultimate solution for snorers. Designed with s-shaped foam that supports the head and neck to keep airways open, combined with a foam core that keeps the pillow comfortable, no matter your sleeping position.

With anti-allergy fibres to protect against bacteria and a breathable polycotton cover that keeps your temperature regulated throughout the night, the Kally Sleep pillow encourages deeper, quieter sleep. The brand also offers a 14-night sleep trial, so if snoring isn’t prevented, customers can quickly get their money back.

To celebrate National Stop Snoring Week, Kally Sleep have announced an unmissable competition to win their ‘Ultimate Stop Snoring sleep bundle”. The bundle includes the best-selling anti-snore pillow, mouth guard, 5-HTP sleep gummies and noise cancelling ear plugs.

10 lucky winners will receive the prize pack, with each valued at £117.

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