Social entrepreneur to help UK counties engineer millions from their public procurement.

Social entrepreneur to help UK counties engineer millions from their public procurement.

Jay Baughan, Social Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Northampton today announced that after 2 years of research and development, they have launched the disruptive Social Impact Register™ into the UK.

This will transform how counties officially recognize supplier social value and impact within public contracts – re-engineering existing money worth millions to be better deployed to transform communities over the long-term.

Baughan says this provides counties with a neutral and transparent structure within which local government, police and emergency services, NHS Trusts, education and other public procurement bodies strategically align under a County Social Impact Pledge.

This Pledge collectively recognizes supplier social value spending and impact from within a central, standardized and independently validated format. The Register enables suppliers to deploy their committed social value spend into local charities, foundations, voluntary groups and key community services across a county – to uniquely sustain and grow activities which deliver defined social impact.

Across the UK, this will capture and deploy millions each year and bring-together charities, foundations, volunteer groups and essential services teams to collaborate geographically for social impact – providing them both funding and academic research.

Locked-away inside thousands of public contracts across the UK’s counties, are the millions needed to (annually) underpin and grow community development activities, which research already tells us is transforming our communities.” says Jay Baughan.

“We need this ethical framework that is open and transparent that we can all sign up to.

I am hoping that the Local Authorities will see the wisdom in this approach.” says Councillor Danielle Stone (Chair of the Audit Committee, Northampton Borough Council).

This Register as a UK social solution is timely, as the UK begins to consider the lasting costs and prepare for government cut-backs, in the wake of the UK repaying covid-19 lockdown spending.

To learn more about the Social Impact Register™ and how to get involved, click here