Social Media Agency Launches Initiative to Boost Post-Covid Employment

Social Media Agency Launches Initiative to Boost Post-Covid Employment

A new social media branding initiative is providing 100,000 graduates and out-of-work young professionals the opportunity to join a senior leadership programme to improve personal branding and progress their careers. The innovative scheme is being offered by the UK’s largest B2B social media agency, Social Tree Global, with former participants going on to become top business executives and some of the most influential LinkedIn thought leaders.

Sponsored by financial news and analysis firm Real Vision, the exciting project will provide a fantastic opportunity for skilled, talented, and passionate young people to build their personal brand in front of prospective employers, while simultaneously encouraging them to demonstrate their own creative and innovative skills to some of the country’s most renowned digital executives.

Through the Social Tree Global scheme, young people and recent graduates will be provided with strategic, focused coaching on social selling and personal branding, helping them to position themselves as attractive prospects in the post-COVID business world. For some, there will be the unique opportunity to work alongside some of Social Tree Global’s top partners for career development, and to generate new opportunities for professional learning and education in today’s challenging, ever-changing landscape.

James Saward Anderson, Co-Founder of Social Tree Global said, “We are incredibly excited to be launching this initiative at a time when the global health crisis has exacerbated pre-existing fault lines in the unequal distribution of graduate opportunities.”

Co-Founder Max Hannah said, “We hope that this programme can go some way towards helping disadvantaged students and those who have been excluded, ignored, or who have found it difficult to secure professional opportunities at this time to finally receive the recognition they deserve, and move further towards landing the position or career they’ve studied for.”

The launch of the programme comes at a time when the UK unemployment crisis is in a more vulnerable state than ever before. Following both mandatory and optional business closures during the pandemic, and a significant rise in both temporary job losses under the Government’s furlough scheme and permanent redundancies, the already challenging graduate employment landscape has suffered a severe hit. It is estimated that one million skilled under 25s face unemployment as a direct result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Supported by two university partners from Buckinghamshire University and Bournemouth Arts University, the programme is expected to provide a solution to the growing unemployment crisis in the UK.

The launch also comes at a time when businesses, already struggling from the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, need to be ready to meet anticipated demand once restrictions are lifted and the economy begins its long term period of recovery. The scheme will offer these businesses with unrivalled access to attractive candidates for both entry level roles and apprenticeships, providing access to a pool of qualified graduates and passionate young people ready to kickstart post-pandemic operations.

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