Social Personality Tests Help Users Discover What Drives Compatible Relationships

Social Personality Tests Help Users Discover What Drives Compatible Relationships

Whether work related or romantic, life is filled with both compatible and incompatible relationships. A new suite of social personality tools at the Personality Test Zone is putting science-backed results into the hands of the public, allowing users to better understand their own traits and the factors that drive their relationships. The unique platform allows users to compare the personality traits of friends and colleagues, helping them to identify common ground, blind spots, and the ingredients that drive great relationships.

Using the latest research in neuroscience, the Personality Test Zone offers a more comprehensive, reliable, and in-depth look at personalities compared to rivals that are using outdated personality models. After answering a simple survey that identifies their core characteristics, users can connect with friends and share their personality test results, across three distinct categories – friendship, romance, and business. As well as recognising similarities, the comparisons also allow users to determine where they can balance out and complement those in their life.

Dr Brian Cugelman, PhD, Creator of Personality Test Zone, said, “Personalities and relationships are pretty complex and many people feel that they’re too difficult to understand. However, in the last decade, there’s been a flood of scientific studies, which are still transforming our understanding of what shapes who we are and who we get along with. The Personality Test Zone combines the latest personality neuroscience with a simple set of tools to help people zero-in on the ingredients driving their compatible and incompatible relationships.”

Dr Cugelman, Director and Senior Scientist with AlterSpark, came up with the initial concept during his popular workshops on Psychology for Digital Behaviour Change. The tool utilises years of research and experience in the field of neuroscience and motivational psychology to deliver a unique suite of social personality tests

The Personality Test Zone has gone through an extensive beta phase to test the concept and functionality of the platform. The result is a slick interface that’s simple to navigate, giving people the ability to make side-by-side personality comparisons with just a few clicks.

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