Social Worker Launches Essential Resource for Transitioning Children Heading to Primary School

Social Worker Launches Essential Resource for Transitioning Children Heading to Primary School

Recognising how difficult it can be for children to transition from nursery to primary school, an experienced social worker has crafted a complete resource to provide essential support. Taking children on a journey with curious school girl Erica and Emit the multi-coloured lion, the vibrant book and companion items from Elevate Training and Development help prepare little ones for their school adventure.

Expertly designed by local London author Gradle Gardner Martin the resource is being launched at The Gallery London on 12th January, with attendees able to receive a 10% discount on the products they order on the day. Ideal for parents wanting to ease their child’s transition to big school, as well as professionals working in education and social care, the fun, useful book comes combined with a hand puppet, Erica doll, and digital resources to bring the story to life. The combination of tools available allows those working with nursery aged children to actively engage and address common concerns and worries as they take the next step in their education.

Gradle Gardner Martin, Author and Owner of The Gallery London, said, “Going from nursery to primary school is a huge change for all children. While some adjust easily, others are daunted by the prospect and it’s vitally important that steps are taken to make the transition as smooth as possible. I started working on the latest Erica and Emit resources after being approached by a nursery that wanted to give their pupils additional help to work alongside the steps they already have in place.

“In my experience as a social worker, preparation for heading to school can really help children, ensuring they have the tools and understanding they need as they tick off another milestone. The resources have been designed to establish a connection with children, giving them a safe and fun way to explore the step they will be taking, and all the material is matched to early years foundation and key stage one guideline.”

The transition resources aren’t the first development products that Gardner Martin has created. Tapping into her extensive experience as a social worker and as owner of the successful The Gallery London, based in Lewisham, London, she’s brought a range of products to market, from crafty kits to informative books.

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