SocialPilot’s Client Management feature delivers social media professionals latest must-have tool

SocialPilot’s Client Management feature delivers social media professionals latest must-have tool

Juggling multiple client social media accounts has become easier thanks to innovative new features from SocialPilot. Exchanging account credentials is a problem that all social media professionals and digital marketing agencies have faced at some point. But SocialPilot is providing a solution with its Client Management tool. Thousands in the industry have already turned to SocialPilot to take advantage of their forward-thinking developments and customer support and now users don’t need to swap social media credentials with clients.

The unique Client Management feature means that clients no longer have to hand their login details over to a social media professional or agency. Instead, customers of SocialPilot can simply send an invitation to connect social accounts, allowing for uninterrupted posting. The cost-effective Client Management solution improves delivery speed, privacy, professionalism, and can even be white labelled to show the agency’s logo and branding, helping to maintain a strong identity across all forms of communication. The Client Management feature, along with other tools the scheduling and marketing platform offers, aims to make the process of running social media accounts smoother, simpler, and quicker.

Jimit Bagadiya, CEO of SocialPilot, said, “Social media has become a hugely important part of modern day marketing in the tech-driven world. Many companies are choosing to outsource their social media strategies to professionals that know how to create a connection, boost engagement, and drive sales through the platforms. For professionals in the industry, it can be a challenge to manage the credentials of all clients, the Client Management tool eliminates this issue, providing a single, accessible platform to update all managed accounts without ever having to request account credentials. With the support of the SocialPilot’s features, professionals and agencies know they can keep everything running smoothly and take on more clients by freeing up time.”

SocialPilot isn’t limited by the size of customer bases either. Users can share as many as 500 posts and connect to up to 200 profiles with a single SocialPilot account. As well as the typical big social networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram – SocialPilot supports other platforms too, allowing users to better target their messages and reach intended audiences. Among those that SocialPilot users can access are Pinterest, Tumblr, Xing, and VK.

Other features that have led to SocialPilot becoming a successful tool for customers is deep URL shortening integration, bulk scheduling, and a social media scheduling calendar. All the innovative tools on offer are accessible through a user-friendly interface that’s intuitive, slick, and convenient, perfect for a fast paced environment.

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SocialPilot is an invaluable tool for social media professionals and digital marketing agencies, allowing them to seamlessly manage multiple client accounts on a single platform. The multiple innovative features and continuous improvements has led to thousands of industry professionals using the platform to manage clients’ social presence.