SoftBaby urges expectant mothers to consider organic clothing

SoftBaby urges expectant mothers to consider organic clothing

Nowadays, many people actively pursue an organic lifestyle, affecting everything

from the food they eat to the products they use. America’s up-and-coming organic babywear brand, SoftBaby is urging expectant mothers to also consider

taking this approach when shopping for garments for their bundles of joy,

helping to keep their youngsters safe while also doing their bit to safeguard the

world into which they are soon to be welcomed.

Nicholas Tachmintzis, Business Development Director of SoftBaby, said,

“Many people choose to eat organic food or to use organic skincare products in order to reduce  the amount of irritants or harmful chemicals that they are exposed to every day. This is exactly why you should also dress your newborns in organic clothing. Young children’s skin is incredibly sensitive and babies are vulnerable to the health risks caused by pesticides and fertilizers that are used so often in traditional cotton production. It is important to be wary of this when shopping for clothes.”

SoftBaby is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified, meaning

that each romper, onesie, blanket and hat is produced from 100% organic

cotton, with no unwanted waste that can cause harm to newborn children. While

SoftBaby is proud to use 100% organic cotton, most baby clothes on the

market that claim to be 100% cotton, are often only 73% cotton, with up to 27% containing other chemicals due to the standard farming and manufacturing process.

Nicholas continued, “We are dedicated to providing parents across the world with access to baby-safe apparel and accessories, made from hypoallergenic materials that will keep each baby safe,

soft and incredibly stylish!”

As well as ensuring each SoftBaby product is organic, the eco-friendly

company is dedicated to ensuring that this factor is never sacrificed for aesthetic

appearance. With a variety of contemporary collections such as the ZOO, Forest

Sky and Island Sea range, the leading baby brand has become known for its

bold, colorful geometric designs, printed using only water-based ink.

Since its inception in 2013, its collection of adorable, modern yet organic

designs from SoftBaby have become seen on celebrities’ children across

the world.

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