Speed, Accessibility, and Professionalism Essential for Converting Online Visitors, Pop Creative Survey Finds

Speed, Accessibility, and Professionalism Essential for Converting Online Visitors, Pop Creative Survey Finds

The internet makes it easier than ever before for businesses to reach consumers but the results of a survey from Pop Creative finds that potential customers are becoming more demanding. The user experience experts quizzed 200 consumers to discover exactly what would make them leave a website in less than 10 seconds to provide digital businesses with invaluable insight.

The results, unsurprisingly, show that internet users aren’t patient, but it also found that customers expect accessibility and professionalism to be core values of the sites they browse too. Topping the list of reasons why consumers will quickly depart a website is that it’s too slow to load, demonstrating a clear need to focus on speeds. Other key bugbears relating to usability included half turning off due to annoying pop-ups, some 48% being put off when a site is broken in some way, and over a third choosing to leave because navigation was poor.

Marketing and SEO efforts were found to influence consumer behaviour too. Almost one in three participants suggested they would leave a website if the content was old or out of date, a factor that negatively affects SEO too, while 15% would leave if they couldn’t easily find an about us page. Businesses focussed on lead generation too much could see people leaving their site in favour of a rival too, with almost half of potential customers leaving if they were faced with sign-up demands.

Adrian Grindley, Director of Pop Creative, said, “Consumers make a snap judgement about a website and businesses only have a few seconds to impress. It’s essential to ensure that websites are modern, streamlined, and efficient to convert clicks into sales. It’s no longer enough to simply have an online presence, consumers expect an experience that’s quick and convenient for them at every turn. Firms need to start investing in their website and set out a maintenance strategy to ensure they don’t fall behind rivals and lose out on business.”

Pop Creative are experts in helping businesses to use their data to identify the essential areas where amends and development can have an impact. With a results-driven approach, the business helps clients to source high quality leads and increase conversions.

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See the full results of the Pop Creative survey here: blog.popcreative.co.uk/10-reasons-customers-will-leave-website-less-10-seconds/.