Spiralling Care Costs Could Price Many Out of the Market

Spiralling Care Costs Could Price Many Out of the Market — Is Staying Home the Solution?

A new range of purposefully equipped, pre-fabricated modular homes could be one of the most effective and efficient solutions to growing concerns relating to the spiralling costs of care in the UK. Bauhu’s Smart Care Pods are a unique ‘plug and play’ solution which help to cut the cost of care and enable loved ones to live independently, at home in high quality buildings designed for flexible home care.

The average cost of residential care in the UK is between £519 and £674 per week for self-funded care, depending on region. Over the past few years, care home costs have risen at approximately twice that of inflation, and the gap between care home costs and pension payments is becoming increasingly wider. Additionally, life expectancy in the UK has been climbing consistently since 1982, resulting in a new era of older individuals who are being denied the essential support they need due to their financial situation.

Modular housing removes the cost uncertainties associated with conventional construction methods, and units can be delivered anywhere, giving high quality, almost instantaneous accommodation which negates the high costs of care being introduced by financially-struggling care institutions.

Bauhu’s new Smart Care Pods are a 21st Century solution; pre-fabricated modular units that aim to make it easier for the elderly or disabled to receive the support they need at home, rather than in a costly care facility. With rapid construction, accessible layouts, and an ability to be delivered and erected in any location, Bauhu is making informal care options more accessible to UK pensioners, providing a way for older generations to continue to live independently with nearby support and assistance available.

“Built in a modern, well-equipped factory with a quality-controlled production line assembly process, homes are ready for delivery in less than 6 weeks” says Paul Brown, Bauhu Managing Director, highlighting how modular homes can ensure a quick solution to even the most urgent of living needs.

While there are still costs associated with the purchase of a modular home, those with the necessary funds and available land for such a unit may experience notable savings when compared to the high costs of residential care. A modular unit could pay for itself in less than two years. These buildings are designed to last, with high quality finishes that will not break during transportation. This longevity adds significant ‘resalability’ value to the homes and works to solidify their place as a cost effective alternative to professional care home facilities in the UK. Smart Care Pods also don’t require expensive modifications – they’re compatible with aids such as grab rails, offer a limited mobility design as standard, have showers suitable for assisted bathing and wheelchair users, boast carer interfaces, voice operated technology for tasks such as security alarms and bespoke fitted furniture to ensure an uncluttered living space.

To view the Smart Care Pods range, visit https://www.bauhu.com/care-pod/care-pod.html