“Spotlights Are the Right Choice for Any Setting”, Says BLT Direct

“Spotlights Are the Right Choice for Any Setting”, Says BLT Direct

UK supplier of premium lighting solutions, BLT Direct, is highlighting the versatility of spotlights, hailing them the “right choice for any setting.” While other light bulbs such as LED strip lights or multi coloured flood lights have very niche purposes, investing heavily in spotlights such as GU10 LED light bulbs is the sensible choice for any development firm.

Steven Ellwood, Managing Director of BLT Direct explained, “As a construction or development firm, it is important to stock a ‘tool kit’ of versatile products that are perfect for every job. When it comes to lighting, we urge people to consider the possibilities that spotlights hold. Whether renovating hospitality or domestic venues, spotlights are both practical and aesthetically pleasing, yet subtle enough to compliment a plethora of interior styles.”

Commonly, spotlights would refer to a particular style of halogen light bulb, with a mirrored back plate to ensure targeted, ‘spotlight’ light distribution. However, with retailers now unable to order new stocks of these energy inefficient light bulbs and a wider ban planned for 2018, alternative products such as GU10 LED bulbs, offering the same crisp, directional light, are the spotlight solution of choice in 2017 and beyond.

Without the need for any lamp shade or fixture, spotlights can illuminate a multitude of environments, creating a visually pleasing venue and adding value to a site. While the decorative appearance of a spotlight bulb is undefined, numerous stylistic styles can be achieved thanks to the variety of colour temperatures on offer. For modern apartments, cool white GU10 downlights are a contemporary choice for hallways, corridors and kitchens, while warm, dimmable LED spotlight light bulbs add atmosphere to restaurants, bars and hotels.

Steven continued, “This one style of light bulb can suit a diverse range of environments, making it a ‘must-have’ item for every development firm. What’s more, with a lamp life of around 15,000 hours it is a reliable, long-lasting a cost-effective lighting solution. Practical in many ways, spotlights are the right choice for any setting.”

GU10 LED light bulbs are the perfect spotlight for numerous construction and building projects. Browse the full range of LED light bulbs online at: www.bltdirect.com