Spyzie Releases Trustworthy Android Monitoring Solution

Spyzie Releases Trustworthy Android Monitoring Solution

With employees wasting 759 hours each year due to workplace distractions, and parents admitting that their children spend too much time on their gadgets, it’s little wonder that the country is facing a mobile phone epidemic. But a new platform aims to help rewind times back to before mobile phones dominated lives.

Spyzie has been expertly created for parents and employees who find themselves concerned about the amount of time wasted on mobiles throughout the day. A web-based phone monitoring system for Android devices, it helps employers keep an eye on their workers when in the workplace, while enabling parents to ensure their children are safe and secure on these internet-enabled devices.

Pete Yang,  Senior Product Officer, said, “Mobile phones may be a saviour in many situations, but for parents and employees, they can be nothing but a hindrance. Employers often find their employees are severely distracted by their mobiles. Whether it be as a result of phone calls, text messages, or emails, with the average person touching their phone an astonishing 2,617 times every day, there’s little wonder that employers are finding productivity down.”

Employers have reported mobile phones as one of the main causes of reduced workplace productivity Potentially causing the economy to lose millions every single year to lost time, the best way to approach the use of mobile phones is still up in the air.

The Spyzie platform makes it simple to keep tabs on individuals. Monitoring data including all logs, text messages, contacts, GPS location, browser history, bookmarks, photos, apps, and calendar activities, it provides a 360-degree view of a person’s mobile phone activity when they need it. With a free account available that doesn’t require any credit card details, the platform is set to be a pivotal tool in the crackdown of mobile phone use in the workplace.

Yang added, “Parents have also expressed concerns. Although they are great for keeping in touch and ensuring safety, there’s also the more sinister elements of letting children have access to a mobile phone, day in, day out.”

Nine in 10 children in the UK now own a mobile phone and for many of these, they are becoming not only a luxury, but a necessity that they feel they cannot live without. Causing issues with concentration in school, being plugged in 24/7 can actually be dangerous. There’s been reports of extreme bullying and grooming taking place over mobile phones. From vicious text messages from peers and social media trolls causing children to be targeted, as well as the myriad of opportunities to be approached by predators, mobile phones can be a severe cause for concern for parents. But the Spyzie app allows parents to keep an eye on incoming and outgoing messages – whenever, wherever.

The platform couldn’t be simpler to set up; users must register for an account, install the app on the desired device(s), and complete the set-up process. The data can then be viewed on any web browser – or on the Spyzie app.

To find out more about Spyzie, visit the website: https://www.spyzie.com/android-spy.html

To see Spyzie in action, view the live demo: https://my.spyzie.com/livedemo