Staffordshire Recruitment Firm Laumches Free New Service To Combat Discrimination in Job Ads

Staffordshire Recruitment Firm Launches Free New Service To Combat Discrimination in Job Ads

A specialist recruitment agency has launched a new service to help firms in Staffordshire and Cheshire avoid the pitfalls of discrimination and recruitment law.

Appointments Personnel says that many employers across the UK are unintentionally posting illegal or discriminatory job adverts and falling foul of the law as a result. The issue often comes down to a lack of knowledge regarding what is and isn’t legally acceptable – something which Appointments Personnel hopes to combat with its free legal advert check for businesses across Staffordshire & Cheshire.

The service will help those recruiting access expert help before posting a job ad, keeping their vacancies on the right side of the law and free of potential legal issues before going to press.

Appointments Personnel’s research shows that discriminatory and illegal adverts are posted every day, often through a failure to understand what constitutes inappropriate language, discrimination or illegal recruitment policies in the eyes of the law. Whether the employer is aware of their mistake or not, illegal adverts can lead to hefty fines, legal action and potentially devastating blows to reputation.

As part of the new advert check service, an experienced and qualified recruitment specialist at Appointments Personnel will carry out a comprehensive check of appropriate language and terminology in-line with the current UK legislation. The advert will be screened to ensure it does not exclude protected characteristics and the recruiter will offer advice on any areas that need to be revisited to avoid any form of direct discrimination.

Emma Bonfiglio, Appointments Personnel Managing Director said, “There are many rules and regulations surrounding recruitment advertising that some businesses simply are not aware of. Discriminatory and illegal adverts can land firms in a lot of hot water unnecessarily. We recognised the issue and decided to do something to help safeguard local businesses and put them back on the right path where needed. Our legal advert check service is completely free and will ensure that any job ad fully adheres to all relevant UK legislation before it’s made public.

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