State-of-the-Art GPS Tracker CarLock Launches New CarLock Portable

State-of-the-Art GPS Tracker CarLock Launches New CarLock Portable

CarLock, the state of the art tracker dubbed GPS on steroids, has unveiled its latest high-tech device. The CarLock Portable is an advanced multi-purpose 3G GPS tracking system which allows users to track valuable, movable possessions such as their car or boat as well as children, cycles and luggage with total flexibility and freedom. The CarLock Portable delivers smart alerts via a mobile app whenever any unusual movement is detected or if the vehicle leaves the geofence zone.

Small and battery operated, the CarLock Portable brings the functionality of the CarLock to new heights with its ease of movement and installation. The tracker is designed to keep any item which moves safe and secure. It can be affixed to any type of vehicle, such as a jet ski, caravan or trailer, and then removed and attached to something else as needed.

The ultra-convenient tracker provides real time alerts as soon as movement is detected. In addition to vehicles and other movable items, the CarLock Portable can be repurposed to aid with stress free travelling by tracking luggage, bags, cycles and instruments within a wide range of supported countries.

Clever, functional and designed with multiple uses in mind, the CarLock Portable comes with an SOS button for child monitoring. The device will send an alert to the designated parent or responsible adult via the mobile app, providing immediate notification of an emergency as well as the child’s exact whereabouts.

“With CarLock Portable its users will be able to track any movable assets where hard wiring isn’t possible or wanted without any complicated installation process. CarLock portable can be used on anything from boats, tools, trailers, or even to make sure your kids are safe at any time,” said the company’s co-founder and CEO Matej Peršolja.

“By providing a convenient and advanced 3G GPS tracking system, powered by top notch batteries, lasting up to 14 days on a single charge, we have set out to simplify security solutions for everyday users and provide them with peace of mind whenever they need to make sure their assets are safe.”

CarLock’s advanced real time tracking and alert system provides continual connectivity to movable possessions. The convenient, portable tracker uses the proprietary CarLock cloud technology that powers the original CarLock device – this provides 24/7 monitoring from any location via a mobile network with push notifications and SMS messaging.

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