Structural Engineering Firm Pledges Expertise to Ukraine

Structural Engineering Firm Pledges Expertise to Ukraine

Surrey-based structural engineering firm Construction Design Partnership, which specialises in using computer-aided design to implement extensive engineering projects, is lending its teams’ unrivalled expertise to support humanitarian efforts and initiatives rebuilding critical infrastructure in Ukraine.

The Construction Design Partnership team have been working in large scale international projects for decades and, following devastating strikes on essential infrastructure by the Russian military, are offering their expertise without hesitation to support in the design of transportation corridors including bridges and highways, residential and Government buildings, and critical  public services such as hospitals. The latter in particular is an urgent priority, with reports showing that attacks on healthcare facilities are growing daily.

Kellie Anne Botha, Office Manager at Construction Design Partnership, says “As an organisation, we are shocked and devastated at the needless destruction and unimaginable loss of life across Ukraine. The invasion goes against the core values that Construction Design Partnership stands for, and we are determined to do whatever we can to help. It is clear that rebuilding Ukraine will prove to be one of the largest and most ambitious challenges of the 21st century, and we hope that our experience can be put to good use”.

Within the first three weeks of the Russian invasion, it was noted that 200 schools, 39 hospitals, and at least 1600 residential properties in Ukraine had been destroyed. By mid-April, horrifying updates confirmed that 378 educational establishments had been damaged, leaving thousands of innocent children out of school. 138 healthcare facilities were considered unsafe, despite victims requiring immediate care and attention. And beyond belief, 4431 homes had been devastated, with many families left homeless. In total, more than $100 billion damage to infrastructure has been reported.

Having started out as a multi-storey building, power plant, and bridge design specialist back in the 1970s, the company hopes to be able to work closely with architects and contractors to facilitate safe and secure rebuilding efforts in a bid to aid economic recovery and ensure access to essential services.

While the crisis in Ukraine is certainly affecting us all here in the UK, the rebuilding efforts are a cause particularly close to the hearts of the Construction Design Partnership team. Proud to be an inclusive and diverse business, the organisation hires structural engineering experts from many different backgrounds, some of whom have strong Ukrainian connections, and who still have family in Ukraine endlessly fighting for their country.

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