Successful family piano business continues on collaborative journey with artists

Successful family piano business continues on collaborative journey with artists

A Bath based piano shop specialising in selling and restoring pianos is exploring the connection between art and pianos with a series of collaborative exhibitions across 2018.

The Piano Shop Bath, which was established in 1980 and has since grown from housing 15 pianos to now having over 80 on display and for sale, collaborated successfully with a number of artists last year and will continue to explore the rich history of the piano with various artists and sculptors.

Jon Kelly, the owner of The Piano Shop Bath said: “Following on from an exceptionally successful series of collaborations with artists last year, we are excited to continue to explore pianos through art displays and other collaborative endeavours.

“These exhibitions aren’t just about our store and what we have to offer, it’s also about bringing people together to engage with and experience something thought-provoking and exciting.

“Last summer we supplied and installed 18 street pianos in Bristol which have been transformed by local artists for the public to play. It’s a great way for those who may not normally be around these types of instruments to get involved with projects like this, so they too can appreciate the eternal charm and character and pianos. We hope that these exhibitions will raise the profile of pianos and encourage as many people as possible to get involved with playing them.”

The shop went to great efforts with their Christmas window display, which saw them collaborate with sculptor Julieann Worrall Hood, who delivered visually striking artwork incorporating over 1,000 recycled piano keys over the 3 inter-connected windows on the store-front, which spans across 3 buildings in central Bath.

Sculptor and artist Julieann Worrall Hood said: “The exhibition was a wonderful opportunity to recycle beautifully crafted piano parts, some of which are over 100 years old, into new pieces of artwork that hopefully offer a multi-sensory experience that crosses the boundaries between what we see, hear and feel.”

The shop’s main endeavour is the art and craft that goes into traditional restoration and the rear of the premises is home to an extensive workshop where traditional and more dynamic methods of design work are employed.

Customers who visit the shop will also be delighted to discover a collection of gorgeous hand-painted pianos.

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