Successful Taiwanese music producer set to deliver his oriental style to Western audiences aboard vintage bus

Successful Taiwanese music producer set to deliver his oriental style to Western audiences aboard vintage bus

A Taiwanese music producer already making waves on home turf is gearing up to bring his unique style and sound to the west with the launch of his first album.

Jass Yang, a pioneer of the oriental culture who is holding his own in the thriving modern music scene, will be gracing London with his eclectic and progressive sound, which blends traditional folk music with modern EDM remixes.

The album launch party will be taking place on a vintage 1961 Routemaster that attendees will be able to relax and mingle on while the Asian music mogul spins his unique style, Jass and his team will be offering traditional Taiwanese desserts and Taiwanese Beer at the party.

Music Producer Jass Yang said, “I am delighted to be delivering this album to the west following the attention that I have been receiving from Asian audiences. It’s greatly important for me to champion the talents and capabilities of those back home and introduce this to the already bustling music scene that is continually erupting in the west.

My sound is so unique in the sense that is fuses the heritage of the east and the west together to create music that is accessible to so many different audiences.

“The bus is a really novel and exciting way to bring my sound to audiences and it incites a lot of excitement amongst crowds. We have even had people jumping off the bus to go to the toilet and then catching back up with us by booking an Uber.”

Drawing on elements of his diverse culture, Jass Yang shapes his musical style by referring to elements of his past that he feels have been lost through years of progression and the surge of modern pop music.

Asia is a continent that is steeped in over 5,000 years of history and with the help of a video crew, the talent is also working on producing videos that highlight festivals and other cultural events taking place in the state.

The album launch succeeds a successful interview that the young musician had on the BBC, where he was given the chance to talk in detail about his work. His appearance hailed significant interest and respect from audiences, especially due to the fact that he is the first Asian music producer to be given a platform on the BBC.

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