Summer holidays can affect your business, says Pallet Trucks UK

Summer holidays can affect your business, says Pallet Trucks UK

One of Britain’s leading suppliers of pallet trucks to the warehouse trade, Pallet Trucks UK, have advised employers to keep an eye on productivity as the summer holidays begin. As schoolchildren begin the long break that will see them off school until September, employers have to be aware of the demands this can make on their business.

“Having fewer staff available in summer isn’t a problem as long as the workload is flexible,” advises Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Trucks UK. “The key for employers is to be thinking a few weeks ahead and being able to prioritise jobs before they become time-sensitive.”

For many in the supply chain industry, the introduction of next-day delivery and rising consumer expectations have made their jobs more fast-paced. But employees are entitled to time off, especially in the summer when childcare becomes a more pressing issue.

By keeping the needs of employees in mind, businesses can work past the summer slump. Clear instructions and prioritised jobs mean that both employers and employees know what is expected of them, and a degree of flexibility on both sides means that navigating a good balance between work life and home life is not only possible but likely.

Making sure that all employees are trained in equipment needed for warehouse work such as electric lift tables and forklift trucks also means that no one employee has work that only they can do. This increases efficiency all round and means that workers are kept up to date with the rest of their team.

Pallet Trucks UK have plenty of warehouse equipment that can ease the strain on workers. From basic hand pallet trucks to more specialised equipment such as platform lifts, they’re proud to make life easier for workers up and down the country.

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