Supergrain Oats Gets A Modern Twist for Delicious, Healthy Meal Options Beyond Breakfast

Supergrain Oats Gets A Modern Twist for Delicious, Healthy Meal Options Beyond Breakfast

Consumers that want to embrace healthier food choices have a creative new range to sample from Royal Oats. While oats, known as a supergrain thanks to the goodness it packs in, have long been a healthy breakfast staple, the latest product launch makes oats a go-to option for lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts too, replacing traditional flour without compromising on taste.

Nonye Soludo, Owner and Founder of Royal Oats, said, “Oats are a great source of essential vitamins, minerals, fibre, and antioxidants that our bodies need. All the goodness found in oats means they’re one of the healthier grains on the planet. But we don’t use this tasty grain as much as we should, Royal Oats hopes to give health conscious shoppers more choice by giving humble oats a modern twist.”

Royal Oats makes oats versatile, giving customers a huge range of options when it comes to using the brand’s products in their recipes. The innovative oat flour is perfect for cooking and baking, from loaves of bread to a new take on dumplings, polenta, or fu-fu, which are popular Italian, Latin American, and African delicacies. With a growing database of appetising recipes available online, there are endless possibilities to using oat flour as a simple swap in everyday meals. As well as oatmeal flour, Royal Oats offers porridge oats, jumbo oats, and fu-fu flour.

Soludo was inspired to launch Royal Oats after experiencing how the supergrain benefited her health. In a bid to overhaul her lifestyle and lose weight, she began introducing oats into her diet, using it to replace typically high sugar breakfast cereals. Soludo quickly noticed the energy boost and reduced cravings that oats delivered and set about learning more, leading to the creation of using oats as an alternative to unhealthier choices that are used more frequently in meals.

Soludo added, “Oats have been a staple part of my diet now for ten years and I can honestly say that incorporating it into meals has transformed my life. I lost weight, feel healthier, and love experimenting with new recipes. It’s an option that I wanted more people to have.”

Royal Oats products are also available in gluten-free versions, ensuring that it’s a healthy alternative open to people suffering allergies. The current range is set to continue growing, driven by customer demand, with flour pancake mix, muesli, and other original oat goods making their way on to shelves in the coming months.

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