SUPPER STARS Invites Businesses to Cook Up Their Online Team Morale with New Launch

SUPPER STARS Invites Businesses to Cook Up Their Online Team Morale with New Launch

SUPPER STARS, the international community of professional chefs offering gourmet private services, has launched a brand new online team building solution to help businesses working remotely to spice up their interactions with an exclusive team cooking experience.

Due to the need to socially distance and stay at home, team activities have to be reinvented and move from on site to online. Like so many brands, SUPPER STARS has also found itself forced to adapt – it has embraced this challenge and put its community of talented chefs to work to launch a series of all new culinary team building activities, delivered entirely online, in real time. This will help organisations to maintain the spirit of dispersed teams during this critical time.

The interactive, real-time experiences see designated SUPPER STARS chefs running the session, directly from their kitchen into the homes of clients around the world. Participants are invited to cook one or more recipes, live with their exclusive chefs who will also share some of their own professional tricks and tips. At the end of the session, the team can sit down (in their own homes) to enjoy the prepared dishes while socialising online.

With tasks for all tastes, savoury and sweet, plus a choice of simple or restaurant-style challenges, there is an option for teams of all abilities. Participants can cook the recipe themselves at the same time as the chef, or simply take notes for later use, asking questions throughout the process.

SUPPER STARS offers a more testing dynamic in which the chef accelerates the pace of preparing the recipe, adding a pinch of challenge to the task to get team members working under pressure and managing their time in the best way possible.

“Team building activities have never been more vital – yet so frustratingly out of reach,” says Tiago Ribeiro, co-founder of SUPPER STARS. “With personal concerns, family demands and recent changes at work, it’s important for companies to reduce anxiety and motivate staff where they can. And what better way to boost relationships and to create collective memories by uniting employees despite the geographical distance, than offering new experiences, with great enthusiasm and useful information, around gastronomy? That’s the power of food; it brings people together in an immersive online experience that feels very real.”

SUPPER STARS also suggests that participants photograph their dishes and extend the experience by sharing photos afterwards. Teams could additionally run a best plating award, challenging the competitive spirit of each participant.

SUPPER STARS has an international and multi-lingual community of over 100 professional chefs, who have worked in some of the best restaurants in the world in over 30 countries. While it is unable to offer its chef services in client homes currently, its community of talented culinary professionals is available to support families and businesses online. The team building sessions are just one of a number of new digital initiatives on offer, which include 1-on-1 private sessions with a professional chef, parent & child cooking classes, and birthday parties where friends and family can jointly enjoy a shared experience to celebrate a special occasion.

To schedule a culinary online team building session, contact SUPPER STARS for a personalised proposal. Each session typically lasts 45-60 minutes, depending on the level of interaction, the questions asked and the pace of preparation.

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