Survey Showing Pressure of Money Worries Demands Action, Say MoneySmartWorld

Survey Showing Pressure of Money Worries Demands Action, Say MoneySmartWorld

UK residents are facing money worries more than ever before, with wages failing to keep up with the rising cost of living. Financial experts MoneySmartWorld are calling for action after a survey revealed the full extent cash concerns are placing on people across the country. The organisation argues that growing stress around finances highlight just how important financial education is for children and adults alike.

A recent CIPD report found that 58% of workers are facing obstacles in managing their financial situation, with 29% only earning enough money to get by. Financial concerns are hitting young adults the hardest, with almost a third saying money worries are affecting their ability to do their job, compared to a quarter of all employees saying the same. It’s not just work that’s affected either but mental wellbeing, almost one in five people say financial concerns mean they’re losing sleep and one in ten find it hard to concentrate as a result.

Marianne Lewis, Founder of MoneySmartWorld said, “Money worries go beyond stress about paying bills late and can have a serious impact on health and wellbeing. It’s encouraging to see that so many employees are aiming to pay off existing debt or save for the future but the rising amount of stress shows that for many it’s proving an impossible task. Of course, the rising cost of living is contributing to financial concerns but a lack of financial education is also playing a role in some cases. It’s time that action was taken to improve how we look at money across the UK to not only help those struggling now but future generations too.”

MoneySmartWorld is an organisation dedicated to improving financial education, with a focus on making it more accessible to children and teenagers. Through providing targeted resources and money lesson plans, the business aims to provide practical solutions and steps that can be applied to everyday routines, such as budgeting and tracking expenses. To support its growing range of products, MoneySmartWorld created the Money Smart Gang series, a range of 10 money themed story books perfect for engaging with primary school children.

With the help of a very recent successful Kickstarter campaign that included various incentives for schools and parents to get involved, the brand is now embarking on the large scale printing and distribution of complete sets of the MoneySmart Gang books and extras like posters, postcards, activity books at significantly discounted prices.

“This will ensure that we get the books (an ideal resource for starting financial education during the early years) into the hands of as many children as possible. Our Kickstarter backers were extremely generous, so we will also be giving away lots of free moneysmart gang books and resources to parents, schools, charities and other educational organisations – so watch this space”, says Marianne.

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