With Sustainable Staycations All the Rage, Innovative Modular Firm Offers Rural Landowners Path to Tourism

With Sustainable Staycations All the Rage, Innovative Modular Firm Offers Rural Landowners Path to Tourism

Leading design and construction firm Bauhu has introduced a new range of innovative, eco-friendly modular ‘pod’ buildings, offering rural landowners and farmers a simple, straightforward and cost effective route to diversification. The collection has been launched to coincide with the diversification of agriculture as a key component in addressing heightening demand for responsible travel options and a renewed interest in ‘staycations’.

Following on from the United Nations Year of Sustainable Tourism in 2017, staycations — holidays taken closer to home in Britain — have been on the rise with a growing interest in green getaways reported.

Bauhu’s range of modular pods is an ingenious solution for those keen to tap into the booming eco-travel trend and is designed to add comfortable, spacious, and environmentally-friendly accommodations to farmland, fields, country pub gardens, and rural attractions.

The self-contained modular pods can also be used to expand room capacity for small hotels, resorts, and countryside B&Bs. The prefabricated pods enable eco-friendly travellers to stay in more natural environments, rather than in large cities, close to many popular outdoor activities, such as hiking trails, fishing lakes, farms and country parks.

 “Our low-energy, highly insulated, 100% recyclable range of pods lend themselves perfectly to rural tourism and show that responsible travel isn’t only possible, but enjoyable,” says Bauhu Managing Director Paul Brown. “It takes 2 crushed VW Beetles to make a Bauhu pod… and zero trees! We steer clear of wood, instead using recycled steel which can then be recycled over and over again if needed.”

The Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs confirms that two thirds of farms across the country have diversified their activities in recent years, with income from diversification rising from £530 million in 2015, £580 million in 2016 and £680 million in 2017. The letting of buildings and structures for non-agricultural use is cited as the primary diversification activity.

While Bauhu’s innovative range of cost-effective, portable holiday pods are already making waves, the modular construction firm isn’t showing any signs of slowing down when it comes to delivering sustainable collections. The company has confirmed that plans are already well underway to develop an ‘off the grid’ variant of their modular pods, with built-in waste and water tanks, self-contained solar power, and a new Tesla-developed battery management system to minimise the impact of travel on the environment.

For more information about Bauhu’s eco-friendly holiday pods, and to be amongst the first to hear about the new range of off-the-grid accommodations, visit: https://www.bauhu.com