Sustainable Travel Company Celebrates 10 Year Milestone with Record New Bookings for 2018

Sustainable Travel Company Celebrates 10 Year Milestone with Record New Bookings for 2018

Men and women keen to have a new type of holiday experience are flocking to Colouricious Holidays as the sustainable travel company celebrates a decade of taking customers to vibrant global destinations. Combining stunning locations, immersive cultural experiences, local crafts, and a friendly atmosphere, Colouricious has taken thousands of satisfied travellers on an adventure of a lifetime.

With a focus on embracing local traditions and connecting tourists with local artisans, travellers using Colouricious are guaranteed a once in a lifetime experience that takes them off the beaten track. From taking part in block printing classes in dynamic India to exploring textiles in the secretive kingdom of Bhutan, the expert tour guides of Colouricious have been giving travellers a unique insight into their holiday destinations for ten years, blending a passion for crafts with a love of travel.

Jamie Malden, Head Tour Leader for Colouricious Holidays, said, “Crafting is a diverse pastime that so many people love. Our holidays take creative travellers to the roots of where these crafts came from and let them turn their hand to the traditional way of doing it, it’s an immensely satisfying experience.

“Colouricious Holidays has gone from strength to strength and increasing booking figures demonstrate the trend for authentically visiting exciting new destinations and really getting to be a part of that local culture. We’re thrilled to have reached ten years in operation and are already looking ahead to the next decade of fun, enlightening, and ethical travel.”

The vision and ethos of Colouricious relies heavily on the local environment and population, which is reflected in the sustainable values of the business. The organisation takes steps to support local economies and raise the awareness of local artisans who make their livelihood from their craft. It’s an approach that benefits both tourist and local.

Malden added, “The ethical part of Colouricious is hugely important to our business. If we didn’t support local communities, the crafts that attract our customers will die out and these beautiful, unique destinations would lose the charm that makes them so appealing today. It’s a wonderful way for tourists to completely experience a new culture, from learning trades to simply chatting with the local.”

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