SwonSong Gives Celebrities A Way to Say Thank You to Loyal Fans and Followers

SwonSong Gives Celebrities A Way to Say Thank You to Loyal Fans and Followers

Celebrity users can record farewell messages to say a proper goodbye to fans, as well as helping their followers gain closure.

Following a year where shocking, high-profile celebrity deaths seemed to occur by the week, SwonSong is giving famous individuals a unique way to prepare for their passing and ensure they say a proper goodbye to their supporters.

SwonSong is a smartphone and tablet app which allows users to record heartfelt goodbye messages in privacy for their loved ones before their passing. The video messages are held on SwonSong’s secure servers until the user passes away, at which point they’re released to be viewed by the user’s loved ones – or in the case of a celebrity user, their wider family of devoted fans and followers.

Ian Lamonby, Chief Operations Officer of SwonSong, says, “We are very lucky in this day and age to be able to digitally prepare for our passing, to ease the burden on friends, families, fans and supporters. David Bowie was a case in point – his friends said he could barely speak in days and weeks leading up to his death, but he released his farewell song ‘Lazarus’ as a magnificent parting gift to fans just two days before he passed.”

Ian adds, “SwonSong allows celebrity users to manage their own farewell carefully. Many fans are deeply affected by the passing of an icon, or someone they look up to and SwonSong gives famous individuals a way to offer their fans a semblance of closure as they come to the end of their lives.”

The app is packed with features which allow users to prepare for their own passing. Not only can users record their own video farewell messages, they can personally record a eulogy video which can be presented at their very own funeral or wake.  It is fitting that a performer presents their final performance to the world with the option that farewell messages can be hosted on our social media platforms.

SwonSong has the option to send emails to loved ones, or to have a letter message professionally printed and sent to any address in the world, for those who may not have access to the internet, or the technology to view a video message.

The app can also delay the release of messages until certain dates – birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and other important occasions, to help loved ones and fans to celebrate and mark the special events.

The Free to download iOS app, available in the Apple App Store, ensures message creation is simple as the user interface is intuitive and has guidance throughout.

The SwonSong website is home to a multitude of tutorial videos and PDFs which help with message creation and allow you to view all your uploaded messages.

For more information about SwonSong, visit the website: https://swonsong.com