The SwonSong Smartphone App: A Farewell Fit for the Modern Age

The SwonSong Smartphone App: A Farewell Fit for the Modern Age

Innovative new app gives users a chance to communicate beyond the grave

Lots of people wonder how they’ll be remembered after they’re gone, and now, thanks to modern technology, there’s an app to help with that.

Founded in 2014, SwonSong offers a smart and thoughtful alternative to the traditional send-off, which fully embraces a changing world and the possibilities of digital tech. The first smartphone and tablet app of its kind, SwonSong gives users a way to shape their own fond farewell after they have passed away.  The first ever farewell messaging app, it’s been in development for the last three years and is now available from the App Store.

SwonSong provides an opportunity to say goodbye to loved ones in a number of meaningful ways – be it through audio clips, a video eulogy or a written letter.

The app even enables users to upload a farewell message to their social media profiles if they choose. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the app incorporates many features to help make the task of crafting messages that little bit easier. Utilising the latest technology, SwonSong allows users to harness the high-quality video camera and microphone in their own device and upload items from the photo or video library, forming a wholly original and heartfelt way of communicating a goodbye message to those they care about.

While the app is a useful tool for users of all ages and with or without health conditions, it could prove especially comforting to those with a terminal illness, people with dangerous professions, celebrities wanting to personally say their final thank yours to their fans, or those with a disease which could affect their personality, such as dementia. The founders of SwonSong know first-hand the pain of losing a loved one to dementia, and the comfort a pre-recorded message would have brought before the condition took hold.

“SwonSong allows people to be remembered as they would want to be remembered – happy and healthy,” say founders David Lamonby and Ian Lamonby.  “In an age of increasingly digitised communication, it should come as no surprise that new ways of handling mortality and dealing with grief are evolving, too. SwonSong is at the very forefront of this movement, with a mission which is both compassionate and practical in scope.” For more information visit