The ultimate holiday experience for culture vultures, film fans and history buffs alike comes to Ireland this summer following standout success in the USA.

It’s not often you get the chance to try out some of the tips and tricks of the showbiz fight scene trade with a unique and exciting historical workout. Much less one in famed TV and film locations, but that’s exactly what the unique Sword Experience Tour offers – hosted by the star of one of the recurring stars of Highlander.

The Sword Experience pits participants against a centuries-old craft in some of Europe’s most beautiful locations – from the epic Trim Castle in County Meath, where Braveheart was filmed, to Hopetoun House in Scotland, the setting for the hit Starz network series, Outlander.

The Sword Experience Tour invites guests to train, fight and explore as they tour the UK, Ireland and Europe. Participants get to learn the difference between real and movie sword fighting, and a few Hollywood behind the scenes tips, while they master the choreography from some of the most exciting action movies ever filmed. Adventurers can do a single event in any one location, or complete the entire Tour with stops across the continent.

The Dublin itinerary includes a Glendalough & Powerscourt Gardens tour, a traditional Irish Music pub crawl, a stop at Trinity College and the Sword Experience itself at Trim Castle, the largest Anglo-Norman castle in Ireland.

The Sword Experience is the brainchild of actor and director, Adrian Paul, who has appeared in over 200 hours of television, more than 30 films, and fought and choreographed hundreds of fight scenes. With an extensive knowledge, gleaned from 25 years of martial arts, and having fought, or choreographed, hundreds of fight scenes, Paul set about establishing this unique training program to give the general public the chance to peek behind the curtain. To try out what they’ve seen play out on the silver screen, for themselves.

He says, “The events are much more than people expect and the comments we’ve received from the novice, to the more experienced, have ranged from ‘life changing’, to ‘the best day of my life’. The level of enthusiasm really surprised me.”

In its inaugural year, the Sword Experience drew excited crowds with sold out one day events in several US cities. 2017 marks the beginning of a new chapter, with the launch of the first ever Sword Experience Tour. This summer, the fun, challenging new tour will head to Europe and a number of destinations, handpicked for their historic and Hollywood value.

The Sword Experience Tour is about much more than sword fighting. It gives guests a chance to not only test themselves physically, but to also grab an in-depth look at the culture and history that surrounds the art form, along with learning more about the cities that the tour will be visiting. Each old castle and new stop has its own personality, and on the Sword Experience Tour, everyone is encouraged to immerse themselves fully in their stunning and historic locations.

The Sword Experience Tour will be stopping in England, Ireland, Scotland and France, with a variety of Euro Tour Packages available to take in one, or all destinations.

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