Tag Battoo Launches UK’s First Self-Adhesive Leather Repair Patches for Bags

Tag Battoo Launches UK’s First Self-Adhesive Leather Repair Patches for Bags

A new range of creative bag tattoos has been launched in the UK with a sustainable focus and fashionable edge. Tag Battoo offers individually crafted, tattoo-inspired patches designed especially for leather handbags to mask imperfections, provide minor repairs, and add colourful, artistic decoration. The collection can also be used on leather jackets and a wide range of other accessories, and aims to offer a new way to extend the life of leather goods without the need for costly repairs.

The Tag Battoo range was born from a desire to showcase a different side to sustainability and demonstrate simple, alternative methods for protecting the environment that are easy to achieve at home. Tag Battoo patches can be used to fix holes and rips, or cover burn marks and stains, allowing bags, jackets, and other leather items to be used for longer in a bid to minimise waste.

All patches in the Tag Battoo collection are inspired by traditional tattoo art, and borrow many of the classic techniques used within this iconic style. The artwork is vibrant, featuring bold, contrasting outlines, and is created using a combination of inking, gilding, and embossing methods.

“There are too many gorgeous handbags and jackets condemned to the back of the wardrobe or thrown in the bin just because of a little hole or stain” says Tag Battoo creative director, Donna Clarke. “Our mission is to see them Tag Battoo’d and back out in the world.

“Most people don’t have the time or the money to repair leather beautifully. We set out to change all that and create an instant fix that’s so lovely you’d want to stick it to your bag anyway, hole or not!”

Tag Battoo was launched by Stephan Pavlou and Donna Clarke, the Peta-accredited team behind popular leather repair brand, MastaPlasta which have been dedicated to the art of leather repair for more than a decade. Using vegan leather for all Tag Battoo patches, the team has successfully transferred their existing commitment to eco-friendly processes to their new range of self-adhesive leather repair patches for bags.Despite its recent introduction to the UK market, Tag Battoo has already been awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in both the Innovation and International Trade categories. Tag Battoo patches are now available through tagbattoo.com, with initial designs including Bee-Jewelled, La Mexicana, Thai Tiger, Monkey Magic, Puppy Love, and Love Spell which can be used on leather bags, jackets, sofas, car seats, and more.

To find out more, visit: http://www.tagbattoo.com