Take care of your skin this party season with reusable wipes, says Cheeky Wipes

Take care of your skin this party season with reusable wipes, says Cheeky Wipes

With the party season just around the corner, our calendars quickly fill up with dinner parties and Christmas work-dos. Unfortunately, these events mean we’re less likely to pay attention to what we eat and frequently collapse into bed using our pillowcase as a makeup remover, which can leave our skin dull and congested. Using reusable bamboo make-up wipes can help mitigate the damage caused to our skin during the coming months, says Helen Rankin, founder of Cheeky Wipes.

Cheeky Wipes’ reusable make-up removal pads are made from bamboo, which has natural antibacterial properties. As a result, they’re softer than single-use make-up wipes. They can be used with a facial cleanser or micellar water to remove make-up gently.

Single-use make-up wipes often contain harsh chemicals that affect the skin’s pH balance. As a result, they strip your skin of its natural oils, leaving it dehydrated and dull. Frequent use can lead to dry red patches and uncomfortable skin irritation.

“These make-up removal pads are super soft on one side for sensitive areas like around the eyes and slightly rougher on the other side for when you need to scrub a bit harder. Easy to wash. Why would you buy disposable ones when these are so easy to use?” comments Lynda, a happy customer on Trustpilot.

Additionally, reusable make-up removal pads are better for the environment. Single-use wipes take years to decompose, and they often end up in our sewage systems which can cause blockages, or the ocean, which adds to the vast amount of plastic pollution in our waters. Reusable pads can be washed and reused time and time again.

Rankin says, “These are the perfect eco-friendly, pocket friendly stocking filler. Giving these is such a thoughtful Christmas gift, as not only are they cute to look at and lovely to use, but they’ll save the recipient lots of money going forward. And when you take into account how easy they are to use and planet friendly too, they’re sure to be well received!”

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