Takeaways and restaurants recoup costs of intelligent software in just a month to boost business

A piece of innovative and smart tech is transforming the catering and hospitality sector by putting control back in the hands of businesses. Food Ordering UK is eliminating the need to use commission based online food order services by offering software for a single, one-off payment. Having launched in 2014, the software has demonstrated its success with happy customers choosing to solely use Food Ordering UK to manage digital purchases after recovering the upfront costs in just a month. Alternative third-party ordering systems typically charge monthly fees or a commission on sales. But Food Ordering UK set out to offer another option with its one-off payment software. Switching to the service, which allows businesses to fully control their online presence and ordering service, has seen customers recoup the initial costs and boost their profits as they benefit from direct customer interaction. The Red Dragon in Derbyshire is one customer that has benefitted from Food Ordering UK. Within the first few weeks the business was directly managing around a third of all orders and gradually grew this to 100%, enabling them to build up a relationship with customers. Denis Kondopoulos, Project Manager of Food Ordering UK, said, “Paying to be listed on a third-party website means paying out continuously whenever you make a sale. Our research shows that by using Food Ordering UK businesses can make back their money in just one month. It’s not just the money that’s a factor for swapping either, thanks to the direct contact the software enables it’s possible to build up relationships with customers and keep them coming back for more.” Sam Gmicheal, from the Komal Balti Restaurant in Newcastle Upon Tyne, commented, “We chose the Food Ordering UK system because we could have full control over every aspect of the system, including cost because you pay for it only once. Having this system feels like being Dominos or McDonalds in the sense that customers are kept informed via email and SMS. What’s more we can use the system for in-store ordering too.” The intelligent software is complemented by on-demand technical support, so customers don’t pay for services that they don’t need. Combining a slick interface, the latest technology, and a host of customisable features, Food Ordering UK puts the power back in the hands of business owners and managers. The software is continuously being developed to meet the needs and demands of customers too. The basic edition of Food Ordering UK costs just £795, close to the average price a restaurant pays on a monthly basis through commission to outsourced ordering platforms. To find out more visit www.food-ordering.co.uk/. About Food Ordering UK is an invaluable piece of software developed specifically for businesses operating in the hospitality sector. The premium product is available for firms to use with a one-off licence fee, eliminating the need for monthly payments and commission. The system is accredited by Epson and Star and is continuously being updated to provide customers with new services to meet their needs.

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