Talented UK Artists Bring Incredible Personalised Beaded Artwork to the Market

Talented UK Artists Bring Incredible Personalised Beaded Artwork to the Market

Shoppers in search of a personalised, unique gift have a new option to choose from thanks to the creative genius behind Twenty Fingers. Crafting beautiful 3D bead mosaics from customers’ photographs, the innovative brand is bringing art to life in a one-of-a-kind way that guarantees the completed pieces will take pride of the place in any home, making it the perfect idea for a custom gift.

Despite the stunning artwork that is created following the bead work, the intricacy and pain staking attention to detail it demands means Twenty Fingers is the only place that makes them in the UK. For the husband and wife duo behind the firm, the incredible bead mosaics are truly a labour of love. Taking between three and eight weeks to complete, the result is a completely bespoke masterpiece that adds an extra dimension to traditional images to create stunning décor focal points in homes.

Ivan Shuliak, company director of Twenty Fingers, said “We’ve been creating unique and beautiful gifts for 4 years and these beaded works of art are just the next step in our venture. We wanted to add something new the market of personalised gifts that can be treasured for years. It’s a long and elaborate process to work with thousands of beads that are just 0.1 inch in circumference but the end result means it’s all the hard work is worthwhile.”

It’s not just the size of the beads that present a challenge for the skilled artists at Twenty Fingers. Before work on the stunning beaded cloths can even be started there’s a meticulous process of mixing and matching colours to create the exquisite details. The average beaded creation contains between 11,000 and 100,000 beads, in around 20 different shades, but with the ability to scale any photograph, Twenty Fingers is able to create larger, more detailed images where needed.

The unique beaded works of art aren’t Twenty Fingers’ first beautiful product that is ideal for gifting. Since being founded in 2013 the brand has been creating bespoke innovative papercuts, leading the way when it comes to details and quality, ensuring they’ve built up an impressive reputation among customers.

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