Tealyra launches new seasonal tea blends perfect for the cooler months

Tealyra launches new seasonal tea blends perfect for the cooler months

The high quality loose and bagged teas experts Tealyra makes remote working cosier and more comforting than ever this month with the launch of a new range of seasonal blends perfect for the cooler weather.

Joining traditional teas such as the health-boosting organic matcha and wellness go-to green tea from Taiwan, Japan and China, Tealyra’s new blends restore, revitalise and reinvigorate using new ingredients.

For those seeking to ditch the alcohol and work on their wellness this winter, the exciting Raspberry Punch delivers a fruity berry twist combined with the excellent anti-oxidant qualities of green tea.

Perfect served hot or cold, this fresh and tart brew has notes of hibiscus for a hint of sweetness which perfectly complements the raspberry and herby undertones of the green tea.

Another new addition is the popular coconut vanilla chai. This blends traditional South African rooibos with real coconut, a pinch of cinnamon and a dash of ginger to create a soothing, warming brew that’s perfect for rainy days. Add milk for a traditional chai tea with a modern twist or serve over ice for a refreshing caffeine-free refresher.

For those with a sweet tooth seeking a healthier alternative to calorie-filled soft drinks, the citrusy duo of orange lemonade is calorie, gluten and caffeine-free. With sweet-savoury notes layered on tangerine flavours and a touch of hibiscus for sugar-free sweetness, the lemongrass and hint of eucalyptus can help reawaken the senses and stave off sluggishness without using stimulants such as caffeine. Serve over ice on a sun-filled spring day or enjoy hot as a warming and fruit alternative to carbonated drinks or fruit juices.

A Tealyra tea expert said, “Nothing says cosy and snug better than a warming cup of tea. Our unusual new blends promise that comforting warmth with an array of exotic flavours and invigorating ingredients to tingle the taste buds.”

To find out more about the wide range of loose and bagged tea blends available to order online from Tealyra, visit https://www.tealyra.com/