The Technology Lighting Trends That Are Transforming Homes

The Technology Lighting Trends That Are Transforming Homes

Technology is transforming the home into family spaces that are filled with gadgets designed to make properties more comfortable and convenient. It’s not just the expected areas, such as TVs or tablets, where the change is happening either, its altering everything from the lighting to how a cup of tea is made. Lighting expert BLT Direct explains that lights play such a big role in creating atmospheres that the latest technology will be important in transforming homes.

Steve Ellwood, Managing Director of BLT Direct, said, “One of the most commonly talked about technology lighting functions is its role in creating smart homes of the future. With increased connectivity, lighting is already being controlled in some homes across both short and long distances. It’s being used to switch off lights when you don’t want to get up, dim lights as you settle on the sofa to enjoy a movie, and as a security feature when homeowners are away. It’s a feature that puts you in complete control, wherever you are, and it’s set to become key over the next few years.”

Other technology lighting trends identified by BLT Direct include going wireless. More and more household gadgets are going wireless and it’s only a matter of time before the trend hits lighting too. From simple dimmers to complete solution, working without wires will give developers more freedom and allow homeowners to easily change light fittings and layouts without the need to hire a professional electrician.

Ellwood added, “The quality of light and the energy used are another two areas that are set to transform homes. Many people prefer bulbs that give off a natural quality of light, a consumer movement that means more products will be hitting the shelves and sparking a trend. It’ll brighten up homes across the country and is perfect for combining with natural inspired, modern style. LEDs are already encouraged but expect to see the low energy option continue to grow as homeowner increasingly seek ways to make their homes as sustainable as possible and lower bills.”

Lighting helps to set the atmosphere of a room, playing a significant part in the overall feel of the environment. Technology will allow homeowners to adapt their lighting to suit their style even more, from controlling brightness with a touch of their phone to moving lights to suit their mood without having to worry about trailing wires.

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