Teen Entrepreneur Launches Fashion App During Lock Down

Teen Entrepreneur Launches Fashion App During Lock Down

An enterprising teen entrepreneur is celebrating the launch of her new fashion app after being identifying a common issue for shoppers during lockdown. Rebecca Mabbett developed her own business to create and launch R Reflections all before turning 20. R Reflections is a virtual fitting room app that allows users to identify if clothes would suit them, their body shape and skin tone before checking out.

Rebecca’s creation has been featured on BBC news and is accruing a cult following on social media.

Rebecca said, “The idea of R Reflections first came about when I was on a family summer holiday back in August 2019. I ordered a few different items of clothing from various online clothing retailers. However, when I tried the clothes on for the first time, half of them either didn’t suit me, my body shape, or my skin tone. “My idea places the clothes on the end user and their different body features, not on a model. This is because everyone is diverse and different, and nobody is exactly the same size, shape and skin colour. R Reflections does all the trying on for the shopper, eliminating the most frustrating element of online shopping.”

Rebecca contacted Innovate Product Design to bring her vision to life and worked with the team to develop the app and take it to market.

Alex Bell, Senior Client Manager at Innovate Product Design said, “When Rebecca submitted her idea, we invited her to come the Studio and met with the team to discuss ideas and possible ways forward. We then started to work on building a prototype of her app based on her vision. Over a period of a few months, Rebecca and our team worked closely to create the perfect app. Creating an app prototype was essential to explore the aesthetic and map the key user journey.”

Rebecca hopes her app will also help to reduce the environmental impact of returning unwanted goods, including postage and waste.

To find out more, visit: https://www.innovate-design.co.uk/innovate-reviews/case-studies/rreflections/ or download the app: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/rreflections/id1522522642