Teenage Buckinghamshire Entrepreneur and Goalkeeping Expert Publishes Fourth Book

Teenage Buckinghamshire Entrepreneur and Goalkeeping Expert Publishes Fourth Book

A young entrepreneur from Buckinghamshire who has already been nationally recognised is adding to his growing list of accolades, publishing his fourth book – A Modern Approach to Goalkeeping. Collaborating with renowned coach Tony Elliot, 17-year-old Adam Woodage has penned a goalkeeping focussed book, helping coaches to develop a syllabus and structure with the crucial position in mind.


Entrepreneurship has been a passion for Adam since he was a youngster. Combining it with his enthusiasm for goalkeeping and youth development, he’s created a thriving business. Among his three previous books is the Amazon number one listed goalkeeper book – The Anatomy of a Goalkeeper. Successfully juggling youth coaching with school work means that Adam has already coached for hundreds of hours at a tender age, with a focus on goalkeeping. Believing that keepers don’t receive the dedicated coaching they deserve, Adam has gone on to provide dedicated academy coaching for aspiring goalkeepers.

Adam Woodage said, “A keeper is a vital part of the team and plays a huge role in its success. Yet, when it comes to coaching, keepers are often given a raw deal. Often it means they don’t reach their full potential. Both my youth coaching work and books are aiming to fill in that gap and encourage more coaches to invest the time and resources needed to develop a keeper.”

Adam’s latest book, in which he acts as a narrator, has been completed in partnership with Tony Elliot. Tapping into the vast knowledge, expert insights, and diverse CV of Tony, Adam has created an essential coaching resource. Combined with his own personal insight into the youth development system, Adam’s fourth published book is set to become fundamental reading for every youth coach.


Adam added, “I’m proud to have worked on this book with Tony Elliot. There aren’t many people in the world of coaching that can boast as much experience as him and I’ve learnt a huge amount while putting together the chapters. It’s a privilege to have been able to turn his lifetime of work into a book that provides invaluable information for creating improved structure for goalkeeper coaches up and down the country.”

Never one to rest, Adam is already in the process of writing his fifth book. Collaborating with ex-British Premier League goalkeeper Richard Lee, the next edition will give a unique perspective of working as a pro footballer. Expected to be published in the next few weeks the book will mark Adam’s fifth publication before he’s even reached his eighteenth birthday.

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