Teens in AI #IWD2023 Global Hackathon: Solving Real Problems Today

Teens in AI #IWD2023 Global Hackathon: Solving Real Problems Today

14 global locations across the world join Teens in AI to use AI for good to tackle inequality.

Teens in AI marked International Women’s Day, 2023 by hosting their sixth Global Hackathon from February-March. This event not only celebrated diversity and representation within the tech and AI industries but provided a platform for 12-18 year olds from many backgrounds to gain invaluable skills which will be essential in the future. The Hackathon also gave teens from 14 locations around the world a chance to network, collaborate with mentors from Platinum Partners, Sage and Capgemini, Gold Partner Societe Generale, and work on projects to solve some UN SDGs.

Elena Sinel, CEO of Teens in AI, emphasised that to ensure a bright future for the tech and AI industries we must address their current disparities regarding diversity and representation. This is why Teens in AI strives to teach teens from all backgrounds, genders, and ethnicities how to harness technology for social good. “We must take advantage of this moment to #EmbraceEquity,” she said.

The IWD2023 Global Hackathon was an intense tech event that gave participants the opportunity to get a taste of AI, data science and design thinking; as well as learn how they can be implemented in other sectors.

The activities during IWD2023 Global Hackathon came to a culmination with the Global Demo Day on March 8, 2023. The top six teams from Morocco, South Africa, Ghana and Tunisia had a chance of showcasing their projects at this event which was streamed live, giving supporters around the globe an outlook of what these young innovators had built. It was an inspiring atmosphere for them to compete in.

In the end, the three top teams were:

  • Mindful Meals in South Africa attained the bronze position,
  • Perceivio, Tunisia took silver, and
  • The all girl team AIDrone from Morocco took home the gold.

AIDrone worked enthusiastically over two days and developed a project to reduce fatalities in global disasters. The idea behind their drone project is to help people trapped underneath buildings and rubble to be located and rescued. ‚ÄúThis event gave me the confidence to pursue a career in tech,” commented 16-year-old Sara, one of the members of AIDrone.

The current drive for inclusivity does not have an endpoint; these young minds have demonstrated that the dawn of this era is here, and that regardless of gender, race, status-quo or otherwise – everyone has an influence.

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