Teeth straightening startup wins best innovator at Future Healthcare 2018

Teeth straightening startup wins best innovator at Future Healthcare 2018

While healthcare is moving more and more from cure based to preventive and on demand, dentistry is shifting from analog (metal and glue) to digital (removable aligners).

Straight Teeth Direct™ is at the forefront of shaping the future of orthodontics and is making a name for itself in the digital health space after being named ‘best innovator’ at Future Healthcare 2018.

The first edition of Future Healthcare took place in London on 13th and 14th of March at Olympia exhibition centre and gathered startups, corporates, investors and healthcare players from around the globe; with a mission to showcase innovation and nurture collaborations across the healthcare sector, globally.

The event director, Dawn Barclay-Ross, said: “One of the initiatives took place on the Invest in Health Theatre, chaired by João Bocas, wearables expert and top 100 Global Digital Health Influencer; it gave the opportunity to various startups to pitch in front of a jury.”

On day one, over 20 startups presented their projects and Straight Teeth Direct™, a teledentistry platform that connects orthodontist with patients around the world, won Best Innovator.

One of the judges, Bleddyn Rees, a lawyer and board of the European Connected Health Alliance tweeted “Congrats – A new form of #wearable to me! Great use of #mobile #3Dprinting #software and #Digitalhealth”.

Straight Teeth Direct™’s mission is to make orthodontics affordable and accessible through a mobile experience. It taps into a growing trend in health, giving more control to the consumer in choice and delivery of their treatments.

With the growth of everything online, patients are demanding more transparency and convenience in the treatment they want. In many aspects of medicine the delivery of preventive and follow up care is now done at home, which lowers the cost to the health system and patients and gives more flexibility to the clinicians too.

The European startup Straight Teeth Direct™ has embraced this shift and allows its customers (in 31 countries including Europe, Middle-East, Asia, Australia and Canada) to access high tech teeth straightening treatment at a cost saving of up to 70%.

The screened dentists working on the platform assess, prescribe and monitor treatments through an app. They can work flexibly and supervise their virtual patients in between clinic patients, to fill the gaps in their schedule or reduce their clinical days at the practice. Users can get the luxury of custom made invisible aligners delivered to their home without the hefty price tag.

Built by a team of forward thinking and experienced dentists and dental technicians, the company offers the classic orthodontic protocol at home with a front and back end app that users use to make payments, share their dental records (x-rays and gum scores copies), chat with their dentist and treatment coordinator and upload photos for their monthly aligner progress reviews. They get to access their records and conversations whenever they want wherever they are, offering a more comprehensive and pressure free alternative to traditional orthodontics.

Through the Straight Teeth Blog and Straight Teeth TV, their ambition is to become the number one source of information and choice for people looking into cosmetic braces worldwide.

To find out more, visit www.straightteethdirect.com.