Terminal Illness Sufferers Can Record Last Messages for Family and Friends with SwonSong

Terminal Illness Sufferers Can Record Last Messages for Family and Friends with SwonSong

Those suffering from terminal illnesses can record heartfelt messages before their condition begins to deteriorate.

SwonSong is a smartphone and tablet app that allows those diagnosed with terminal illness to create heartfelt farewell messages to loved ones while they’re still lucid and well enough to do so.

With the huge numbers of people living under the cloud of a terminal illness and the number expected to rise by 2025. SwonSong offers sufferers a way to create a treasured memory for their loved ones, they can record themselves as they wish to be remembered before their health deteriorates and affects them unduly.

The Free to download app, available in the Apple App Store, allows users to create and record video recordings, which are saved on the SwonSong servers until after the user’s passing, when they are released to be viewed by the user’s loved ones.

The app features AutoScript, an autocue system to allow users to display their speech on-screen and read directly from it during recording. Never again fumble with sheets of paper, or struggle to find the correct words!

David Lamonby, CEO of SwonSong, says, “Unfortunately, thousands of people every year are diagnosed with terminal illnesses – and many of these people become reliant on medications which affect their personalities or leave them bedridden. SwonSong offers a simple way for sufferers to record farewell messages while they’re lucid and able, so that their loved ones can enjoy treasured last memories of their friend or family member.”

David adds, “We’ve ensured that the app is very simple to use, message creation is simple as the user interface is intuitive and has guidance throughout – as we realise that the illness could take over again at any time. We’d like to encourage more people to record their SwonSong in the earlier stages of illnesses, to ensure that their most treasured friends and family members have a positive, happy memory with which to remember them by after they’ve passed.”

Not only does SwonSong allow users to create video farewells, it also allows them to create their own eulogy video which can be presented at their very own funeral or wake on a widescreen TV – see and hear them one last time!

Planning a funeral can be incredibly stressful, and knowing their loved one’s eulogy presentation is taken care of can be a weight off the shoulders of family and friends. Messages can also be sent by email, or letter messages professionally printed and delivered in the post anywhere in the world, for those who might not have the ability to watch the video messages.

For more information about SwonSong, visit the website: https://swonsong.com