Terminator: Dark Fate Actor Premiers Debut Movie Project on Amaz

Terminator: Dark Fate Actor Premiers Debut Movie Project on Amaz

Terminator: Dark Fate Actor Premiers Debut Movie Project on Amazon Prime Video

Mikey Bharj, known for his role in Terminator: Dark Fate has announced the launch of his new film, Neon Tank, on Amazon Prime Video to rent and buy.

The London-based actor and stand-up comedian used his earnings from the blockbuster hit to fund his dream of writing and producing his own movie. He also wrote the film’s original score – with the track already winning praise from fans. Inspired by the vibrant neon aesthetics, gritty urban worlds, and twisting plotlines of comic books, Neon Tank is a bold debut from one of the most interesting upcoming voices in cinema.

Made on a budget of just under £3,000, Neon Tank is a creative and inspiring cinematic debut from first-time filmmaker Mikey Bharj and is expected to be a hit on Amazon’s streaming service following its launch. Mixing themes such as cybercrime, reincarnation, and film-noir, the film follows a computer hacker in Soho, London who sells souls to the 1% on the black market. With gratuitous flashbacks and a headstrong dive into the criminal underworld culminating in a satisfyingly bittersweet ending, Neon Tank is already making a name for itself as a cult classic.

Mikey Bharj has worked as a professional comedian on the comedy circuit and pursued many acting projects. Since wrapping on Neon Tank, the young London independent filmmaker hopes that this won’t be the last of his movies that will make its way onto streaming services. He is continuing to make movies and help other young filmmakers. 

“After my roles in front of the camera, I am so excited to share my experience working on the other side of the lens in Neon Tank. I’m extremely proud of everything this movie has come to be and think it will be a refreshing addition to the movies available on Amazon Prime today. With a strong, diverse cast, creative plot, and memorable original score, this will be the first of many movie endeavors that I hope to embark on,” says Mikey Bharj, writer and director of Neon Tank.

Neon Tank is available to rent and buy on Amazon Prime.

To find out more about Mikey Bharj and Neon Tank, visit www.neon-tank.com