The Administration Hub Revolutionises Recruitment with Personal Competitive Packages for Businesses in and Around London

The Administration Hub Revolutionises Recruitment with Personal Competitive Packages for Businesses in and Around London

The Administration Hub (TAH), a leading provider of virtual personal assistant services, is thrilled to unveil their latest offering: personal competitive recruitment packages. These specialised packages have been meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of businesses in and around the City of London, ensuring they find ideal candidates who align seamlessly with their unique culture and ethos.

The Administration Hub goes above and beyond traditional recruitment services, taking pride in delivering comprehensive solutions tailored to each client’s requirements. With a personalised approach, the company invests time and effort to truly understand the culture and values of their clients. This deep understanding enables them to identify candidates who not only possess the necessary skills but also exhibit a perfect fit within the organisation’s business environment.

“Our recruitment packages are designed to go beyond simply filling positions. We aim to understand the essence of our clients’ businesses and find candidates who become integral team members, complementing their culture and contributing to their success,” said Katy, Partner Director of The Administration Hub.

The Administration Hub offers highly competitive rates, allowing clients to make significant savings while ensuring a cost-effective recruitment process without compromising on the quality of candidates. By developing enduring relationships with their clients, The Administration Hub fosters trust and understanding, resulting in the identification of candidates who align harmoniously with the clients’ businesses. This personalised approach distinguishes them from others in the industry.

To address the demands of the evolving work landscape, The Administration Hub goes the extra mile by providing a complimentary Certified in Remote Working course. This valuable training opportunity, accredited and contributing to Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points, is offered for hybrid or homeworking roles.

Flexibility is another hallmark of The Administration Hub’s packages, as they provide clients with the option to make multiple hires, ensuring that businesses can efficiently fill multiple positions as needed, with terms and conditions applying.

The Administration Hub also offers comprehensive support by sourcing additional information such as DBS checks, references, and right-to-work verification. This dedication to a thorough recruitment process guarantees reliable and trustworthy outcomes.

“We engaged with TAH in order to recruit our new Executive Business Assistant,” shared Leah Heathman, Managing Director of Fusion Pharma Ltd. “Their comprehensive package, from crafting the job description to placing our new employee, provided an invaluable service. TAH took care of the lengthy recruitment activities, allowing me to focus on my work. We now have a wonderful Executive Business Assistant who is a highly valued team member. Thank you, TAH.”

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