The All-in-One Solution to Structural Damage Concerns

The All-in-One Solution to Structural Damage Concerns

Structural Repairs offer UK customers a cost-efficient and professional service to rectify structural damage concerns. The all-in-one solution is one of the only of its kind to provide homeowners with an end-to-end service without the need of liaising with multiple home contactors.

A large proportion of UK homes currently suffer from structural damage which can quickly affect the safety of occupants and prevent homeowners being able to put their house on the market. Structural Repairs, a leading team of structural repair specialists based in Berkshire, offer a range of services to help rectify such issues. From underpinning and crack stitching to timber repairs and screw piles, Structural Repairs have over 35 years of structural repair experience under their belts, making them a trusted provider of long-lasting housing repair services.

Unlike other repair specialists, Structural Repairs offers customers a unique all-encompassing service that connects all the areas of repairs into one bespoke package. This removes the needs for customers to liaise with multiple contractors, which reduces the time of delivery and ensures a speedy service every time.

Kellie Botha, Office Manager at Structural Repairs says, “We’re constantly striving to deliver our customers the most effective and productive service possible. For us this means combining all the elements that you would normally have to work with multiple contractors for, and putting this all into one, efficient service. We take the hassle out of what is a very stressful time for our customers. No one should have to feel unsafe in their own homes because of structural damage, and our team of experts help bring peace of mind to homeowners across the UK.”

Structural Repairs offer a full range of repair services and renovation solutions for domestic, commercial, and industrial properties across the UK. With industry-leading knowledge and in-house engineers who can provide instant technical knowledge and advice – removing the need to consult third-party structural engineers for assistance, which can take 1—3 days to obtain.

The Berkshire-based firm has now become the go-to for property owners wanting to reinforce and secure their homes, to make it safer for occupants, or prepare for market.

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