The Floral Design Studio Championing ‘Made in the UK’ Flower Arrangements for Weddings and Events

The Floral Design Studio Championing ‘Made in the UK’ Flower Arrangements for Weddings and Events

IVY CRUZ, a UK-based floral design studio has specialised in turning faux flowers into elaborate life-like floral arrangements for weddings and events. Not only has the company been responsible for designing some of the most impressive bespoke floral designs, but they are also a vocal champion in the ‘Made in the UK’ movement.

The studio offers an in-house design service where they can cater for even the most niche customer requirements. With Insta-worthy displays that have gone viral on social media countless time, the team at IVY CRUZ have perfected the art of floral arrangements for a range of events.

Unlike their competitors, IVY CRUZ add their own creative flair to every arrangement which has led them to amass an impressive base of highly satisfied customers. IVY CRUZ can expertly take a traditional flower wall and put their own spin on it, transforming it into an engaging and eye-catching installation that customers will want to share with all their friends.

From custom built or repurposed trees, to floral ceilings, planters, walls and arrangements, IVY CRUZ consistently create an immersive installation for a range of events that stay true to the customer’s brand and create a totally unique experience every time.

IVY CRUZ is also proud to create all their floral arrangements from their studio based in the UK. At a time when manufacturing is flooded with cheap materials and products from across the globe, choosing to produce their products in the UK has been a profitable and sustainable decision for luxury-focussed IVY CRUZ.

Ioana Caciun, Director of IVY CRUZ, says “Over the last few years it has become apparent how important buying Made in the UK is. From the obvious benefits of superior quality, easier communication, and creating much-needed employment, to reducing the carbon footprint and purchasing smaller quantities which in turn will create less waste.”

With a loyal social media following, IVY CRUZ has made a name for themselves as one of the leading UK floral design studios. Products can be purchased from the company’s website and Etsy store, or bespoke arrangements can be ordered upon request.

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