The Harry Potter-Themed Shop Proving That Magic Is Needed for Success During a Pandemic

The Harry Potter-Themed Shop Proving That Magic Is Needed for Success During a Pandemic

Independent Harry Potter-themed shop, House of Spells, has shown that sometimes a bit of magic is required to succeed as a small business in a pandemic.

The London-based shop, which opened its doors in July 2019, sells the largest collection of Harry Potter, and other Fandom-related, products in the city. Despite issues during the pandemic and a drop in website traffic, House of Spells has been able to maintain a level of sales that has kept the business thriving amid hard times for the retail industry.

House of Spells’ success comes as other Fandom businesses have been forced to close due to the pandemic, increased transportation costs, high Brexit customs fees and a lack of footfall in physical stores.

High transportation costs are an issue being faced by many retail businesses. As House of Spells has discovered, these costs have caused many Fandom-related products to go out of stock as international suppliers try to avoid the delivery costs of shipping to the UK. House of Spells has been lucky to keep up stock levels but expects to soon run out.

Although the delivery shortages are temporary, the high cost of transportation shows no hopes of reducing due to plans made during Brexit. Unfortunately, these costs may eventually be passed on to the end customers, who can expect to pay 40% more for products in the future.

Head of Marketing and Operations at House of Spells, Elvijs Plugis says, “We’ve been very lucky to maintain our sales over the pandemic as a small independent business, but that doesn’t mean it’s plain sailing ahead for us. We’re really concerned about high customs and transportation fees that have already started putting a strain on our business. We hope that these issues get solved over time, and that the industry doesn’t resort to having to pass these costs onto customers.”

In light of these industry-wide problems, House of Spells have focussed their attention on the products that suppliers do have in stock alongside working with local British small businesses that provide high-quality, unofficial Fandom-related products.

Although the future is uncertain, House of Spells—who also have locations in Liverpool and Stratford Upon Avon—is positive about their business and ability to provide high-quality Fandom products at low costs to keep customers satisfied.

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