The Hilarious Party Game Taking Amazon by Storm This Christmas

The Hilarious Party Game Taking Amazon by Storm This Christmas

The debut game from Island Worksop, Who Am I & What Am I Doing? has been one of the hottest games to come out of the pandemic. After climbing to the top of the Amazon games chart, it is set to be the break-out gift this Christmas.

The new, unique game was created by Luke Forsythe in the summer of 2020, after becoming inspired to create a fun, family game to help himself and his friends connect and have a laugh to distract from the pandemic. After quitting his job, the dad-to-be wanted to cast some humour on his lockdown experience and came up with the idea that has now become his best-selling game.

Suitable for couples, adults and families, the side-splitting Who Am I & What Am I Doing?  is a pop-culture charades game where players act out different, ridiculously funny actions like Batman putting up a tent, or Cookie Monster getting a manicure.

Since its launch in March 2021, the game has become well-loved by players across the country and has generated an impressive £32,000 in revenue. Every month the game, sold through Amazon, sees a 50% increase in sales and is expected to exceed 100k sales around the Christmas period as households look for fun, family-friendly games to play and gift.

Following in the footsteps of well-known titles such as Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens and Uno, Who Am I & What Am I Doing? has been named ‘Amazon’s Choice’. This is Amazon’s recognition of games with high customer ratings that come at an affordable price and that are available to ship immediately.

Luke Forsythe, Inventor and Founder of Island Workshop said, “Lockdown was a scary time for everyone. I had just quit my job at a big tech company, then my wife found out she was pregnant. I kept myself sane by inventing Who Am I & What Am I Doing? We’ve been blown away by its popularity and are so happy that people across the country have been enjoying what was once a lockdown side project.”

As a result of the popularity of Who Am I & What Am I Doing? Island Workshop is thrilled to have signed a deal with one of the largest game suppliers in the UK which stocks the likes of The Hut Group, Waterstones, WH Smith and MenKind.

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