The London Horror Society Launches Groundbreaking New Membership Service for Creatives

The London Horror Society Launches Groundbreaking New Membership Service for Creatives

A rapidly growing independent community of UK horror fans and creative professionals has launched a new service dedicated to helping writers, filmmakers and other creative individuals find likeminded people to work and collaborate with.

LHS Pro is the new membership service from The London Horror Society, a collective which has been helping spread the word about UK indie horror projects since 2016, with doors opening to a limited number of founder members from mid-April.

Alongside providing a ready-made network of creative professionals looking to realise their ideas within the UK horror-genre, LHS Pro will streamline some of the more time-consuming aspects of the creative industry, as well as assist aspiring creatives and seasoned professionals alike with insights from influential filmmakers.

The service acts as a gateway into demystifying much of the independent film industry, particularly when it comes to turning innovative horror film concepts into a finished product ready for an external audience.

LHS Pro members will have access to a private Discord server, where users can follow and contribute to secure text and forum chats acting as a core information hub for real-time sharing of news and industry tips, as well as swap details of new horror projects that members need assistance with.

Members can also view monthly Q+As with industry experts across a range of specialities, where they will answer questions sent in by LHS Pro subscribers. This will cover topics such as PR, marketing and crowdfunding in the industry, as well as content relating to writers, directors and producers.

A preferred list of tried-and-trusted industry partners is also on offer, as is recorded, degree-level Pro Training with reputable industry professionals for an academic take on the steps required to produce production ready screenplays, with more courses to come in the near-future.

Finally, to keep up with all the comings and goings in the independent horror movie industry, members can view a weekly industry news digest rounding up a shortlist of the most important news stories of the moment.

Through short film showcases, speed pitching sessions and live online quizzes, The London Horror Society has established a tight-knit group of creative professionals and a ready-made audience of keen horror film lovers; creating a platform where sharing and celebrating indie horror releases is more accessible than ever.

The London Horror Society Founder, Chris Nials said, “We’ve loved every minute we’ve spent trying to help new indie horror projects come to life over the past few years, and I’ve been personally humbled by the sheer array of talent we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

“We’ve designed LHS Pro specifically to try and help even more people bring their work to life, and share it with new audiences.”

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